Privacy Policy

1. Introduction:   - Catering Me is a Food and  Grocery Delivery Services. The user privacy is most important to us. This privacy notice for Catering Me, describes how and why we might collect, store, use, and/or share your information when you use our services.

2. Information Collected:   - The personal information that we collect depends on the context of your interactions with us and the Services, the choices you make, and the products and features you use. We collect some information such as user profiles, names, phone number, email address, usernames, location data, contact details, and order history. 

3. Data Usage:   - We use the collected data for order processing, communication, and app improvement. We may request to send you push notifications regarding your account or certain features of the applications.

4. Data Sharing:   - We may share your information with Google Maps APIs and Restaurant/Shop or Delivery Boy to get your location to handover your order.

5. Location Information:   - We request geolocation access or permission to track location-based information from your mobile device, either continuously or while you are using our apps to provide certain location-based services. If you wish to change our access or permissions, you may do so in your device's settings.

6. User Account:   - You can create an account with us by providing name, address, billing and shipping details.

7. Security Measures:   - Security measures in place to protect user data, including encryption and access controls. Your sensitive data for example password and card code details are encrypted without the ability to discover them. Our Services offer you the ability to register and login using a social media account where information received varies depending on the social media provider concerned such as name, email, profile picture only.

8. Data Retention:   - Explain how long user data will be retained and the reasons for retention.

9. User Rights:   - Users have rights regarding their data, such as the right to access, correct, or delete their information.

10. Cookies and Tracking:    - You have to choose the cookies and tracking. We keep your data for a period of time in which you have an account with us.

11. Updates to the Policy:    - State that the Privacy Policy may be updated time to time.

12. Consent:    - You can provide consent to the Privacy Policy, through a checkbox during registration.

13. Age Restrictions:    - Our Apps only for adult people who can order a product and can receive that.

14. Contact Information:    - You can go to the Contact Us form and send your concerns or questions or send email to to reach out with concerns or questions.